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Grady, Franklin L.

The following article appeared in a local newspaper

Franklin L. Grady
Gets Bronze Star

S/Sgt Franklin L. Grady, who is visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Catherine Grady of West Laurel Street, was awarded the Bronze Star for heroic achievement in the course of his two years and seven months or army service.
Sgt. Grady and a companion sighted an enemy tank firing from behind a house, armed themselves with bazooka and grenades and crawled within25 yards of the tank. In the face of 88 m.m. fire from the tank's crew, they continued firing, and finally drove the tank away.
Sgt. Grady was recently discharged from the army.

Franklin (Buddy) Grady in the Ruhr Valley

Franklin Grady in photo with Brig. Gen. Benjamin O. Davis

S/Sgt. Franklin Grady

Franklin Grady's Medals, Dog Tag and badges

Following is a letter Grady sent to a veterans newsletter.

Dear Bill:
Gen. Ike called for 2500 negro troops, from service units, to serve in infantry units as volunteers. This was right after the Battle of the Bulge.
We took a six-week refresher course (infantry) in Noyon, France. These are the units that we were sent to (as I can remember): 1st, 2nd, 8th, 69th, 78th, 104th, and 14th Armored Divs.
After the war was over we were to be sent back to the states and after a furlough, sent to Japan. However when we got to Le Havre, France the war had ended in Japan. We were then sent to Mannheim, Germany to the 4084th QM Trucking Co.
We were able to talk to Gen. WS Paul, 26th Div., from Gen. Ikes staff. He told us that he would see what could be done to keep us in a combat unit. They then sent us to the 350th FA Bn where we stayed until being discharged. Captain "Bull Durham" was our CO.
Sincerely yours,
Franklin (Buddy) L. Grady
5th Platoon, A Co, 310th Inf
16645 S. Winchester Av.
Markham IL 60426

When I became squad leader at the start of the Ruhr Valley, I had the 2nd squad, which consisted of these three soldiers: myself, S/Sgt. F.L. Grady, Sgt. J.E. Sealey, and Pfc. Willie Davenport. We went all the way as a three man squad. My first Bronze Star medal was for an encounter with a German tank, the second was for merit.


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