8th Infantry Illinois National Guard Association

The 8th Infantry has been composed of a variety of individuals throughout its history and in its various incarnations. Below is listing of some of these individuals from the origins in 1895 to the present.
Name Photo Notes
Alexander, Joel

1SG Alexander completed 31 years 11 months of service with the 1/178 Infantry Battalion. He joined the service on 26 February 1970 and attained the rank of First Sergeant on 20 December 1986. He began his career as a Wheel Vehicle Mechanic and later became a Forward Observer and Fire Direction Computer with Combat Support Company. ( biography details )
Becker, Merrill T.
Bridgeford, Arthur.

Bridges, Conrad

Conrad Bridges Jr. was born in the city of Chicago on 7 September 1943.  He spent 31 years 9 months in Military service.  He attained the rank of Sergeant E-7 on 26 July 1986, with a primary MOS of 54B and a secondary MOS of 95C.
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Buckner, John C.
Charles, Clifton

Childs, Alton M.
Dawson, Julian

Dennison, Franklin A.
Derricks, Wendell T.
Dickerson, Spencer C.

Duncan, Otis B.

Fraizer, Lawerance

Fraizer, Lee

Freeman, Nathaniel C. , Jr.
Grady, Franklin

Franklin L. Grady
Gets Bronze Star
S/Sgt Franklin L. Grady, who is visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Catherine Grady of West Laurel Street, was awarded the Bronze Star for heroic achievement in the course of his two years and seven months or army service.
Sgt. Grady and a companion sighted an enemy tank firing from behind a house, armed themselves with bazooka and grenades and crawled within25 yards of the tank. In the face of 88 m.m. fire from the tank's crew, they continued firing, and finally drove the tank away.
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Green, Tobie

Heise, Craig R.
Henderson, William
Hill, James
Johns, Jerry
Johnson, Benjamin G.

CPT Johnson received a ROTC commision on 22 May 1992 after 31 months of SMP enlisted service.  He is the current (May 2004) commander of Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion (Air Assault), 178th Infantry.  ( biography details )

Jointer, William B.
Jones, Richard L.

Jones, John B.
Kirkpatrick, Allen

Command Sergeant Major Kirkpatrick was born in Chicago, Illinois on 14 May 1937. He enlisted on 5 May 1955 and completed Basic and Advance Individual training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
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Letcher, George
Mallet, Thomas

Marchant, Frank , Jr.
Marshall John R.  

Mann, Theophilus M.
McKinnon, Leonard

Leonard ‘Sarge’ McKinnon ~ Pioneer

In over forty years in 16-inch softball, Leonard “Sarge” McKinnon forged a legendary reputation as a player, manager, umpire and administrator. The Wendell Phillips High School graduate started playing softball in 1942 at the Wabash YMCA at 37th and Wabash when he founded the Nighthawks. He played first base and was their top hitter. ( biography details )
McMillan, Howard

Minor, Byron C.
Merton, Joseph
Mustiful, Ted

Newburn, Luther

First Sergeant (Retired)

Following a career of 42 years of service, 1SG Newburn retired from the position of First Sergeant of Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion 178th Infantry on November 23 November 1992. ( biography details )

Paige, Johnny

Pitts, Anderson F.
Pitts, David

Pratt, Bertram R.
Randall, Oscar
Ray, Marcus H.
Reid, Harry G.

Command Sergeant Major Harry G. Reid is a retired Command Sergeant Major of the 33d Area Support Group (ASG), Illinois National Guard. Command Sergeant Major Reid was born September 26, 1942 in Chicago , Illinois. He was educated in the Chicago Public School System, and he graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1969 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. ( biography details )
Roberts, Thomas A.
Rose, John T.
Ruben, Dian

Major Dian Ruben began her career in the enlisted ranks of the Illinois Army National Guard at Headquarters of the 33rd Infantry Brigade on 22 April 1974. After attending Basic Training at Fort McClellan, Alabama, she attended the Wheeled Vehicle Course (64C now 88M) at Fort Dix, New Jersey and became the first female Light Vehicle Driver with the Illinois National Guard. ( biography details )
Rush, Clinton
Sims, George T.
Slavicek, Lawrence J.
StClair, Berea

Stephens, Leroy Jr.
Steward, Warren

Strayhorn, Earl E.
Von Hoff, Byron G.
Warfield, William J.

Wilson, Charles J. , Jr.

Colonel Charles J. Wilson, Jr. enlisted in the 184th Field Artillery Battalion in 1940. After serving in the assignment as Signal noncommissioned officer, he entered Officer Candidate School in August 1942. In November 1942, he graduated and was assigned to the Ordnance Corps. As a Lieutenant, he performed troop duty with the 598th Ordnance AM Company at Camp Breckenridge, Kentucky. Additional assignments included Platoon Leader and later, staff Motor Officer at battalion level. In December 1943, the battalion participated in European theater operations. In 1945, Colonel Wilson returned to the United States and was separated from active duty status and assigned to the Army Reserve. In October 1947, Colonel Wilson was assigned to the famous 178th Regimental Combat Team, Illinois Army National Guard. In the regiment he served in major staff positions including command of Company F, 178th Infantry and Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion. In June 1969, he was assigned Commander, 1st Battalion 178th Infantry. Colonel Wilson has completed many military schools including, the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in 1969. Among his decorations, are the Good Conduct Medal, Army Commendation Medal, World War II Victory Medal, American Defense Medal, and the EAME ribbon with four Bronze battle stars. Colonel Wilson retired in December 1970.
Woods, Robert