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Biography of Mrs. Sophia Sutton Begley
History of Sophia Sutton Mission Assembly

Sophia Sutton Mission Assembly
P.O. Box 1003
Prentiss, Mississippi 39474
Telephone: 601-792-2016

Dr. J.E. Wells, Executive Director

Invitation From The Executive Director
On behalf of our Board and Staff, I invite you to take a look at Sophia Sutton Mission.
Rev. J. E. Wells

Sophia Sutton Mission is the reality of a dream by Ms. Sophia Sutton Begley. God's providential plan worked through Ms. Begley to make a sacrificial contribution that would enable poor and deprived Black children to receive free literature and teachings about God's love for all. Ms. Begley, in 1954, through God's divine and miraculous power, donated 100 acres of land to be used to construct a facility that was conducive to the plan, and her children donated 19 acres. In November 1954, a warranty deed was executed to 119 acres of land situated in Jefferson Davis County.
A bi-racial group was organized to discuss ways and means of executing the dream- 'To multiply the Power of the Lord." Sophia Sutton Mission was founded and began in 1954. Its headquarters for meetings - a tent.

It is nestled in scenic beauty in a wooded area in the midst of its 218 acre plot in South Central Mississippi, approximately 10 miles northwest of Prentiss in Jefferson Davis County.

It is composed of 11 buildings:

BEGLEY MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM -Seating capacity of 500. Includes five classrooms, Chapel area, kitchen, bedrooms and baths. It is used to hold conventions, conferences, religious activities, etc.

CAFETERIA -Commercially equipped, accommodates 200.

ADMINISTRATION BUILDING -Five office spaces, lounge, baths, storage and conference rooms.

BOYS/GIRLS DORMlTORY/APARrMENT -Sleeping capacity of 150- A two-bedroom apartment connects to this building.

SNACK BAR/GIFT SHOP BUILDING -Has meeting areas for three departments, kitchen, supply/storage, gift shop and baths.



CABIN -Used as dorm annex and meeting area.

CLASSROOM BUILDINGS (2) -Occupied by Head Start.

Lighted Ballfield, lighted swimming pool, playground and concession center.
These buildings are equipped with spaces for departmental, group meetings.

Philosophy: To minister to the total human needs, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and social through planned programs and untiring service that is conducive to meet these needs; seek to provide dynamic per- sonalities to witness Christ's love to all mankind. ,
I. To assist Christian leaders with their church task, provide techniques and skills in recruiting individuals to discipleship.
2. To provide learning experiences in workshops, conferences, and clinics in small groups, which aid character development and decision making.
3. To utilize the out-of-doors in helping t9 appreciate God's creation.
4. Provide Christian guidance to all groups or individuals through confidential counseling.
IT BELONGS: To you the people.
IT'S FUNDING SOURCE -It has no direct source, and receives no grants. It is a non-profit organization that operates off donations and fees.
IT SERVES -The people, regardless of race, creed, ethnic groups or religious backgrounds.
ITS MOTTO -"To Multiply the Power of the Lord." Attempt Great Things For God, Expect Great Things From God."
ITS NEEDS: -Support and participation from you and others alike.