On 5 February 1987 the 178th was withdrawn from the Combat Arms Regimental System and reorganized under the US Army Regimental System with Headquarters in Chicago.

With the change in the world order and the change in the USSR and Europe the United States Congress authorized an overall Army reorganization in 1992. The Illinois Army National Guard also was reorganized. The 1/178 Battalion Headquarters and Headquarters Company are continuing to be maintained at the General Jones Armory at 5200 S. Cottage Grove Avenue Chicago. Also stationed at the Jones Armory are reorganized Companies D and B (det). Added to the reorganized Battalion were three line companies from the former 1/131st Battalion that was redesignated: A Company, located in Woodstock, northwest of Chicago; B (-) Company, located in Waukegan, north of Chicago; and C Company is located in Aurora, west of Chicago.

On Monday July 26, 1993, while beginning Annual Training at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, the I/ 178 was ordered to State Active Duty for the Great Flood of 93. A Co. and part of B Co. were sent to Winchester and then to Bluffs for service along the Illinois River. These two companies provided security and sandbagging operations on the levees. The rest of the Battalion was sent to Granite City and staged from there. C Co. was then moved to Prairie du Rocher to provide security and sandbagging details. A segment of B Co. was sent to Alton to provide security and water distribution. HHC and D Cos. provided security support, levee patrols, sandbagging details for the Melvin Price Center, Granite City, East St. Louis, several manufacturing plants, and East Carondelet. The Battalion was released in sections from State Active Duty on Aug. 12 and 13, 1993. Some soldiers volunteered to stay on duty for an extended period.

The 1st Battalion 178th Infantry is now a part of the 66th Brigade 35th Infantry Division.  Click HERE to link to the 66th Brigade web site.

Sgt. First Class Charles Patton, Captain Howard Adlam, 1st Sgt. Joel R. Alexander
(left to right)
HHC 1st Bn, 178th INF
35th Infantry Division 66th Brigade


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