On 25 August 1945 Headquarter and Headquarters Battery of the 184th Field Artillery was reconstituted in the Illinois Army National Guard.

Elements of the former 184th Field Artillery were converted, reorganized and redesignated as the 178th Infantry Regimental Combat Team (organized and Federally recognized 31 March 1947, headquarters at Chicago); the 184th Field Artillery Battalion (organized and Federally recognized 4 April 1946, headquarters at Chicago). The regimental combat team also had the 1698th Engineer Company, the 184th Medical Collecting Company and the 154th Army Band (formerly the famous Eighth Infantry Band). The Regimental Commander was Colonel Richard L. Jones. Colonel Jones was able to call back many of the officers and enlisted men who had been members of the predecessor organizations.

The Combat Team commenced the normal peacetime training mission attending the annual field training encampment, including two missions of assistance in the Moline, Illinois and Calumet City areas when disaster threatened due to flooding and dangerously high river waters.


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