Thumbs/tn_19xx-inspection in france.jpg
19xx-inspection in france.jpg
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Thumbs/tn_19xx-officers 8th reg ing.jpg
19xx-officers 8th reg ing.jpg
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Thumbs/tn_19xx-officers in dress uniform.jpg
19xx-officers in dress uniform.jpg
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Thumbs/tn_19xx-officers in front of tent.jpg
19xx-officers in front of tent.jpg
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Thumbs/tn_19xx-parade approaching cornerstone laying.jpg
19xx-parade approaching cornerstone laying.jpg
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Thumbs/tn_19xx-regimental staff officers.jpg
19xx-regimental staff officers.jpg
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Thumbs/tn_19xx-the band 8th infantry leading.jpg
19xx-the band 8th infantry leading.jpg
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