8th Infantry Illinois National Guard Association
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8th Association Patch - $5.00

8th Infantry Association Patch

The 8th Infantry Illinois National Guard Association Patch is the official emblem of the association. This patch measures 4" by 3" and is custom embroidered to our specifications. Incorporated into the patch are elements from the insignia of the 184th Field Artillery and susequently the 178th Infantry Regiment, both direct descendant unit of the 8th Infantry Illinois.

The Block House at the top of the shield is "Old Fort Dearborn" and represent the "Illinois Troops.' The Blue Shield, symbolic of Infantry, represents Infantry Troops. The Roman Shield, partly obscured in the Blue Field on the left near the top, represents service in Cuba during the Spanish-American War, 1898-99. The Prickly Pear Cactus partly obscured in the Blue Field on the Right near the top, represents service on the Mexican Border in 1916.

The Entire triangular device, called the Semi-de-lis is representative of World War service in France. The Roman Sword and cactus are partly obscured as the service of the Regiment during the World War far overshadowed those services in Cuba and on the Mexican Border.

The Three White squares represent the Hindenburg Line. Ordinarily these would be placed on a line but the sharp point of the Semi-de-lis represents the piercing of the Hindenburg line by the Regiment and hence one is shoved downward.

The three Fleur-de-lis surrounding the French Helmets, is the Coat-of-Arms of the Department of Mause, France, (a state in France) in which the Regiment happened to be when the Hindenburg Line was pierced by the "Old Eighth." The Motto: "One Country, One Flag" is the Official motto of the Regiment.