On 6 October 1940, the Eighth Infantry Regient was converted and redesignated the 184th Field Artillery Regiment (155mm Howitzer) Illinois National Guard. On 6 January 1941, the 184th Field Artillery Regiment was inducted into active federal service at Chicago and departed for Fort Custer, Michigan. This was the beginning of intensive training for combat readiness. The Unit served in the European Theater adding campaign streamers Rhineland and Central Europe.

In February of 1942 the Regiment furnished the initial cadre of officers and enlisted men to activate and organize the 795th Tank Destroyer Battalion, under the command of Lt. Col. Theophilus M. Mann. On 16 January 1943 the 184th Field Artillery Regiment was broken up. Headquarters and Headquarters Battery were disbanded and the rest of its elements were reorganized and redefined. The 1st Battalion 184th became 930th and the Second Battalion 184th became 931st Field Artillery Battalions and departed for Camp Butner, North Carolina and Camp Forest, Tennessee under the command of Lt. Col. Wendell T. Derricks and Lt. Col. Marcus H. Ray.

These Battalions were converted and redesignated with the 930th Field Artillery becoming on 28 February 1944 the 1698th Engineer Combat Battalion and on 20 March 1944 the 931st Field Artillery became the 1699th Engineer Combat Battalion.

The officers reported for duty with the 92nd Infantry Division and were assigned to the 597th and 600th Field Artillery Battalions stationed at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. In August 1944, the 597th and the 600th were committed to action with the 92nd Division in Italy under the command of Major General Edward M. Almond. Campaign decorations included the North Apennines and the Po Valley Foreign Italian Cross for Merit of War.


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